MovementFirst Sports & Health Sponsorship

By Movement First (Javy Group Pte Ltd)   

Deadline: 09 Dec 2015

Company Profile

Movement First, as part of Javy Group Pte Ltd, is a company formed by athletes, serving the athletic population. We are not kidding when we say we treat our mission very seriously. Everyone in the team has participated in competitive sports previously and still exercise regularly in their own time. As such, we bring our experiences who have gone through the training and most forms of common injuries to advise you what training is most effective for your goals and how to recover quickly through injuries.

About the Program

As a responsible company who truly wish to see the growth of strength sports as well as healthy lifestyles in Singapore, we would do our best to support such events happening in Singapore. With our wide range of equipment, local collaborating partners (like tentage set up) and strong sourcing partners from around the world, we can sponsor equipment-in-kind, supplies needed for event (such as lanyards or banners) or prizes. We prefer not to sponsor cash as we believe with our contacts, we provide better support and value with other items.

Eligibility Criteria

Fitness, health-related or sports events are welcome to apply for our sponsorship program. We are open to sponsorship of events that have good event management, an attractive audience demographic and can provide us with display booths at the event itself for branding and marketing purposes.