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Sat, 12 March 2016

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Sat, 12 March 2016



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2016 will be Thinkers' Day's second year running. This year the theme of the event will be Identity and through talks and forums on 4 sub-topics under the broader subject students will have a chance to question what defines them as students and people. We will be having talks by personalities such as Ms Deepika Shetty, Professor Chua Beng Huat, Dr Tam Wai Jia and Mr Ethen Ong.


We hope to inspire students to think deeper and in a setting outside of the classroom. Thinkers' Day is primarily designed to talk and discuss about the world around us and the implications our actions may have.


We've publicised the event externally across over 20 schools and internally in our own school last year we saw a turn out of approximately 250-300 and this year we are certainly going to see that number rise due to our presence on social media and strong connections with students.


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