[SG50] Dreamboarding Singapore - The Singapore Dream

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Sun, 01 March 2015

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Sun, 09 August 2015


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Dreamboarding Singapore by collecting 5,000 Dreamboards to create the largest collage of dreamboards in the World, made by Singaporeans known as the Singapore Dream. The Singapore Dream is intended to unite the nation based on our collectively shared aspirations. A dreamboard is a pictorial representation of their personal dreams for Singapore, the greatest accomplishment they wish to achieve in Singapore, with an overarching team “My Future with Singapore”. Our team of programmers and designers will consolidate the first 5,000 dreamboards to create the Singapore Dream in a collage based on the Singapore Map. Singaporeans will not only be able to view the Singapore Dream as a whole, but also zoom in into specific dreamboards to share into the hopes, dreams and desires of fellow Singaporeans! Check out our campaign at www.sgdreamboard.com.


Our goal is to put 5,000 dreamboards into a giant collage called the Singapore Dream, and to set a record in the Guinness Book of World Records and Singapore Book of Records for the largest national collage of dreamboards. Ultimately, we aim for the dreamboarding campaign to remind Singaporeans that Singapore is home, and that there is indeed, a great future waiting for us in Singapore. We believe that in the times of uncertainty that we are facing today, when we focus on our dreams, all else will follow, as we begin to see overcoming challenges or difficult times as a step towards the future that we envision.


The first 5000 participants to upload a dreamboard that can be used to break the Guinness Book of World Records will receive a Certificate of Participation. We will also run Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns, and have volunteers (SG Dream Ambassadors) to spread the concept of dreamboarding through educational seminars. We will also be inviting our leaders, namely President, Mr Tony Tan, Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, to put their hopes, dreams and vision of Singapore in the form of their dreamboards. With the Singapore Dream, they can openly share with fellow Singaporeans their hopes for the future of Singapore, inspire Singaporeans towards a brighter tomorrow and more importantly, create an avenue for Singaporeans to better understand the leaders of Singapore through their dreams. Our intention is to place these 3 dreamboards at the centre of the collage to form the core of the Singapore Dream, surrounded by the rest of the dreamboards.


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