SMU Mile Run

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Sun, 20 September 2015

End Date

Sun, 20 September 2015



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SMU Mile Run is an event that was first organised by SMU RunTeam (under SMU Sports Union) in 2014. The newly launched event attracted over 300 participants in its first year. In 2015, we hope to bring SMU Mile Run 2015 to greater heights and to share it with even more participants.


We believe that very mile you run is still a mile completed - no matter how fast or slow. As such, we aim to celebrate the joy and pleasure of running with like-minded individuals through this event. To some, it is a race against the next person; to others, it is a race against themselves. Anyone and everyone with the passion to run are welcomed to join Mile Run.


We are currently bringing on major fitness brands such as Salomon to enhance our participant's experience. Publicity will be mainly done through our Facebook page ( with approx 500 followers and our Webpage ( all registration has to go through. We are firming up our publicity plans with running blogs such as


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  Booth Space during Event
  Logo on Website
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  Advertisement in Race Pack
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  Socia Media Shoutout
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Booth Space during Event $1500

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