NUS Dentistry Freshmen Orientation Programme 2015

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Sun, 28 June 2015

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Sat, 08 August 2015


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The Freshmen Orientation Programme (2015) is an annual event organised by the NUS Dental Society, to welcome Year One dental undergraduates into the dental fraternity. From July to August 2015, our freshmen will participate in our traditional Admin Day, Freshmen Orientation Camp, Float Building, Welcome Tea, Flag Day, Rag Day and many other activities. There will also be a Buffet Night and Performance Night whereby hundreds of dental seniors and dentists will attend for the opportunity to interact with the latest batch of freshmen! Through these six weeks, we hope that bonds will form not just among the current dental students, but also between students and the rest of the dental profession. This is the biggest event organised by NUS Dental Society and we hope that our activities can be funded with your kind support and contribution.


The Freshmen Orientation Programme culminates in the Rag Day performance where the freshmen will showcase their presentation item after 2 weeks of hard work and toil building the float from scratch. The programme aims to accelerate the integration of our freshmen into the dental fraternity. In the process, we hope to instil a sense of belonging to the faculty among the freshmen. In addition, the programme would also promote interaction, teamwork and cooperation amongst freshmen, seniors, doctors and staff.


It is compulsory for all incoming Year One dental undergraduates to attend the Freshmen Orientation Programme. In addition, all Year Two dental undergraduates all play a role in organizing the programme and will be attending all events throughout the project. The programme will also include a Buffet Night (held on the last night of the Freshmen Orientation Camp) and a Performance Night (held on the night before the Rag Day performance). During these two nights, all the senior dental undergraduates and practising dentists are invited to attend. A turnout of 200 to 300 additional seniors and dentists is expected based on previous years.


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