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Wed, 09 December 2015

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Sun, 13 December 2015



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Diabolo Camp is a 5D4N camp for the public to promote the Chinese culture among the Singapore population, especially the youths. Since the year of establishment, we have been involved in many activities that promote the Chinese culture both within and beyond campus. This annual camp targets at 80 participants from chinese community, including the board of committee, coaches and members. On the last day, we will have a Diabolo concert which features a series of professional performances open to the Singapore public. Apart from that, there are international students who will participate in our camp so as to further promote the Diabolo culture. This concert's aim is to attract 200 audiences from either NTU undergraduate students as well as Singapore public.


The objective of the Diabolo Camp is to foster learning and understanding of the Diabolo, which is a cultural activity well-known as the Chinese-yo-yo, and was inherited by our ancestors since thousands of years ago.


As part of appreciation for sponsoring our events, your organization can make use of our publicity to promote your organization's new product or promotion to NTU students. For instance, we will organize two sessions of roadshow in September and October to publicize our event and invite more people to join our camp as well as to watch our Showcase at Nanyang Auditorium. We are more than willing to help propagandizing your organization by giving out flyers and advertising your organization to everyone passing-by. Cash sponsor will enjoy 250% tax rebates.



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