Dreamity Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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Tue, 08 September 2015

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Sun, 13 September 2015


Entrepreneurship, Youth

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Camp Dreamity is a deeply experiential games-based program that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset in school-aged children. With half the kids from low income or marginalized families, and the other half from regular households, the goal is to have the kids meet, mix and with different backgrounds, come out with different ideas and explore different facets of innovation. Targeted at Youths aged 8 – 14, exposing these youths to solving problems, designing sustainable solutions, allowing them to experiment, learn and fail, is the goal of the bootcamp to curate the entrepreneurial Youth from the masses and bring them into our unique eco-system to nurture them and hopefully inspire future generations that would have solutions to our current problems. Youths will go through training that will help them in generating business ideas and skills to pitch their ideas. There will be a lot of opportunities for presentations and public speaking as well as working in teams to solve problems Format 4 day bootcamp + 1 day bazzar Keynote + Experiential group work and games played to reinforce a concept. Debrief to get feedback Kids get to pitch their business ideas at the end of day 4 to stand to win prizes Overseas speakers as well as local Entrepreneurs trained to engage with Youths will be brought in as trainers and the Youths with be exposed to real businesses and have a chance to develop their own and pitch their business as well as have hands on experience in running a bazzar.


Empower kids to drive change in the community by applying entrepreneurial and creative problem-solving skills. Getting kids from different backgrounds and experiences to collaborate on innovative solutions. Educate business concepts, finance, market and sales, as well as sustainability and social responsibility.


Camp Dreamity is an international event and we are bringing in the founder of YouthCITIES, Vicky Wu from Boston to help facilitate the event. This event is currently filling up as this will not be the first time we are running this.


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Youths Aged 8 - 14

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