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Mon, 11 May 2015

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Fri, 07 August 2015



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Here in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), we care about making a difference. Participating in the annual NUS Receive-And-Give (RAG) gives us the opportunity to do just that in two ways: Step 1: We find ways to reach out to the community (Flag) Step 2: We celebrate it. (RAG) Officially known as RAG-and-Flag, this freshman event spans over 3 months and seeks not only to integrate freshmen into the FASS community, but also to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and spirit of recycling in FASS students. Students will make use of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, newspapers and drink cans to build a float for the RAG day showcase, alongside the preparation of a performance item. The charity aspect then comes in with Flag, where various fundraising efforts are undertaken on a frequent basis to solicit funds for our charity beneficiary, TOUCH Community Services. This culminates with a faculty wide Flag Day, held on 4th August, alongside other dedicated efforts by the Flag team. In light of SG50, it is the first time that Rag Day will be held at the Marina Bay floating platform on 7th August 2015. Held in conjunction with NDP 2015, the expected public turnout encompasses the entire floating platform's capacity of approximately 30,000 people excluding NUS. Media coverage is expected for the event. RAG-and-Flag serves as a culmination to the various freshmen orientation events such as Arts Camp or Orientation Week. We work closely with every event to ensure a smooth and inclusive experience for all FASS freshmen, making them part of the FASS Family far before they begin their first semester.


We aim to: 1. Give back to the community by raising funds for our Flag beneficiary 2. Integrate FASS Freshmen into the faculty's vibrant and dynamic culture 3. Promote the spirit of recycling to the freshmen 4. Promote a sense of camaraderie amongst the school community


2015 marks the 57th year of the NUS-Student Union (NUSSU) annual RAG and Flag charity showcase. It is an event that celebrates charity with a full night of performances for over 10,000 students and the general public. This year's RAG performance parade will coincide with NDP 2015, to be held 7 August on the Marina Bay Floating Platform as part of Singapore's Jubilee Celebration. An astounding crowd of approximately 50,000 people, inclusive of public audience, is expected to turn up for this event. Media coverage will also be present! Our event is also part of the larger Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP), where over 1000 university freshmen will be involved over 3 months of various events. Thus, we offer a large student pool for brand publicity, outreach, internship and corporate community partnership events. This will leave a positive image as it greatly heightens the image of your company as a student-friendly corporation. Also, Item sponsors will be able to test the receptivity of their products with the large audience we offer. Additionally, companies will be able to add a new dimension to their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts by investing in, and empowering the future generation. Depending on the sponsorship value, FASS Rag is able to offer a variety of publicity efforts for sponsoring companies. This would include publicity for said company on social media - ONEArts Facebook page, and NUS Arts Rag and Flag Facebook page, which have approximately 1100 likes in total. Moreover, FASS Rag will also look into having said company's logo on our camp booklet, and even integrate the brand/product into our games and activities. NUS FASS Rag can also create an Instagram/Facebook competition featuring sponsors products to reach an even larger audience. Definitely, the list above is not exhaustive. Publicity platforms are flexible and open to discussion for additional avenues.



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Logo displayed on Faculty RAG Float $2500
Logo on 1500 freshmen event shirts $2000
Logo on 1500 freshmen event brochures $2000
Publicity on Facebook pages (competitions, advertising etc.) $1000
Mentions on FASS Social media platforms/future events $500

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