Psychology Camp 2015

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Mon, 29 June 2015

End Date

Fri, 03 July 2015



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Psychology Camp is an annual event organized specially by us, student volunteers, to welcome the new batch of freshmen who will be interested to know more about Psychology as a field of study in NUS. The camp serves as a platform for the freshmen to learn more about psychology, as well as to help freshmen get to know like-minded peers. For the upcoming Psychology Camp 2015, we are expecting an estimated of 150 psychology undergraduates from 29th June to 3rd July 2015.


Psychology Camp serves as a platform for freshmen starting NUS to gain firsthand knowledge about psychology and to meet peers with similar interests. What differentiates Psychology Camp from other camps is its Mystery Investigation component, which involves psychology theories and engages freshmen in using their newly learnt knowledge to solve a mystery.


Psychology Camp is publicized through various channels such as Psychology Society's Facebook Page which has garnered more than 500 likes, Psychology Society's mailing list (with over 1000 recepients), word of mouth through over 500 active psychology majors, and official posters pasted around NUS campus.






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  Logo printed on camp shirts
  Talks held during Camp
  Booth Set Up during Camp
  Social Media Shout Outs
  Logo on posters, facebook banner and camp banner.

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  Logo printed on camp shirts
  Social Media Shout Outs
  Logo on posters, facebook banner and camp banner.

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Company's brand incorporated into Camp Games $1000

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