Psychology Camp 2015

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Mon, 29 June 2015

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Fri, 03 July 2015



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Psychology Camp 2015 is a 5D4N camp which provides matriculating freshmen and the current undergraduates a platform to socialize and interact. We seek to promote Friendship. Family. Future Friendship: Promote long-term friendship Family: Promote a sense of community and belonging to the Psychology community Future: Promote longevity of the event by creating a cycle of freshmen helping out as facilitators in their senior years. Camp Activities: Amazing Race, Station Games, Food Auction, CORS Bidding, Beach Day, Mystery Investigation.


To allow year 1 students to learn more about university life, NUS life and Psychology through fun activities . To promote bonding among seniors and juniors and create a scenario of long-lasting mentorship/friendship where seniors will possibly guide the juniors through their life in university.


Students who come to camps generally want to make more friends before they start their university lives. Also, for Psychology Camp, we reach out to people with interest in majoring in Psychology, thereby reaching out to those with a passion in this subject.


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