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Mon, 18 May 2015

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Fri, 07 August 2015



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RAG (Receiving And Giving) and Flag is one of the signature events under the NUSSU Freshmen Orientation Projects. It is part of a longstanding NUS tradition to thank the public and donors for their contribution efforts on Flag Day by putting up innovative performances. The Faculty of Science aims to put up a spectacular performance on Rag day to raise more money for our beneficiary. RAG was created as a project to show appreciation to the public for the donations during Flag Day as well as to showcase students’ non-academic talents, the RAG committee of NUS Students’ Science Club aims to achieve much more. As a sub-committee under the Freshmen Orientation Projects, matriculating freshmen of the starting school year is encouraged to be the dancers of Science RAG – A perfect kick start to one's university life and awesome opportunity to make new friends! We hope to garner sponsorship to fund the various sub-programmes under our project i.e. the funding of our float construction (recycled materials, product packaging), student welfare (i.e. welfare packages or food/drink products), beneficiary engagement as well as cash sponsorship to fund this programme.



We will include sponsors in our publicity efforts through the Science Rag facebook group which has 400 likes, the NUS Students' Science Club Facebook group which has 1.8k likes as well as during the introductory video on Rag & Flag Day for the Faculty of Science which will see a total of an estimated 40000 people (inclusive of the public and NUS students) watching live. Additional publicity avenues would include the Faculty of Science's (FOS) Rag & Flag shirt which will be given out to all Science students participating in Rag and Flag and the NUS Students' Science Club's publications


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