Geyao Original Concert 2016

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Sat, 09 April 2016

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Sat, 09 April 2016


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Under the Chinese Society in National University of Singapore, Geyao Club is a vibrant and warm community formed by students who are passionate about Mandarin contemporary music. The club seeks to provide members with opportunities to pursue their love for music with like-minded people, and offer them with a stage to showcase their talents in the various events that Geyao organizes every year. The Original Concert is a well-received event traditionally held by Geyao annually in the second semester. The concert typically features 10 to 12 original songs carefully selected from the pool of submissions from Geyao members. These original songs will be recorded into CDs and sold as well. The event attracts 400 audience on average every year. We are able to offer various marketing channels for sponsors, such as booths, flyers, onstage presentations, advertisement streaming, etc. We look forward to working with you!


A traditional event of Geyao with a long history, the Original Concert serves as a chance for Geyao members to showcase their incredible music talents. The concert is also a popular get-together event for the audience to relax and enjoy good music.


The Original Concert is a traditional event held annually, with a history of more than five years. Being a popular event in NUS especially for the Mandarin contemporary music lovers, it attracts audiences from word of mouth and our poster campaign which serves to raise awareness. Publicity articles will also be pushed to followers via Wechat platform.


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