HRC Orientation Camp (HOC) 2015

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Sat, 22 August 2015

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Sun, 23 August 2015


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The HR Orientation Camp (HOC) is an upgraded scale (2D1N) of Human Resource Consulting Club (HRCC)'s annual orientation event. This event serves to orientate new HRC students (Year 2s) to the specialization and to the HRC community within NTU. In alignment with our club's values, the event will emphasize on collaboration, dedication and commitment. It will commence with a welcome speech by our HRC Club President and the HRC Faculty staffs to welcome the new batch of students and familiarise themselves with the HRC Club and also the HR Faculty Staffs in NBS. Thereafter, they will be split into different groups and proceed with the icebreaker games and game stations in an Amazing Race. The first day will end with a sharing session for our Camp Facilitators (Year 3s and 4s) to share about their knowledge and experiences in HRC specialisation. The second day will begin with group games to strengthen their friendships and follow by a reflection session and sharing of our club events for our HRC cohort.The various games will be structured to test the participants' knowledge, physical and mental alertness as well as teamwork to resolve challenges together. Through these activities, they will also get to know their course mates better. This event also create future opportunities for attendees through the networking with their seniors.


HR Orientation Camp seeks to achieve four primary objectives: 1. To mark the beginning of Year 2 HRC students' learning journey as a HRC major and to foster a sense of belonging with the club and NBS. 2. To create an opportunity for Year 2 and 3 HRC students to interact and build rapport within and across HRC cohorts. 3. To provide a platform for Year 2 HRC students to find out more about what to expect in the new academic year in a fun-filled setting. 4. To create awareness among the Year 2 HRC students on the exclusive privileges of being part of the club which serves as a great platform for networking with both HRC practitioners and alumni.


NTU's HRCC is willing to perform the following for our valued sponsors: 1. Official Announcement - Your Company will be officially announced as a sponsor for HRC Orientation during the orientation event this year. 2. Poster / Banner - Your corporate logo will be printed on official event poster / banner. 3. HRCC Website - Your corporate logo will be placed on our HRCC website under the event "HRC Orientation 2015". 4. Goodie Bag Material - Your Company will be able to distribute its promotional materials in the goodie bag that will be given out during the event. 5. Facebook Page - Your corporate logo will be placed on our HRCC Facebook page, which would reach out to our members on this social media site.


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