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Nuhoney Drinks Sponsorship Program

Drinks sponsorship by providing Nuhoney drinks. Nuhoney is open to sponsorship applications from event organizers who are keen to provide their event participants with Nuhoney - a sparkling honey drink with a buzz of fresh floral scent. Some expectations after sponsorship include publicity of Nuhoney logos in event collaterals and social media pages. Participants who have enjoyed Nuhoney should also be encouraged to like the Nuhoney Facebook page.

By: Nuhoney Pte Ltd

Ends On: Thu, 31 December 2015


Certis CISCO Corporate Social Responsibility Program

As part of the our Corporate Social Responsibility, Certis CISCO is keen to support social causes in Singapore that support disadvantaged youths. Our team here at Certis CISCO would like to be part of guiding these youths through interactive programmes.

By: Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd

Ends On: Mon, 02 November 2015


MovementFirst Sports & Health Sponsorship

As a responsible company who truly wish to see the growth of strength sports as well as healthy lifestyles in Singapore, we would do our best to support such events happening in Singapore. With our wide range of equipment, local collaborating partners (like tentage set up) and strong sourcing partners from around the world, we can sponsor equipment-in-kind, supplies needed for event (such as lanyards or banners) or prizes. We prefer not to sponsor cash as we believe with our contacts, we provide better support and value with other items.

By: Movement First (Javy Group Pte Ltd)

Ends On: Wed, 09 December 2015


AdvoEdu Dreams & Education Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program is targeted mainly at educational or interactive community events that are in line with our culture, of igniting and building dreams with people. We are open to supporting any event or social cause that aims to transform lives based on education with dreams.

By: Advo Education Group Pte Ltd

Ends On: Fri, 25 December 2015


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Featured Events


Here in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), we care about making a difference. Participating in the annual NUS Receive-And-Give (RAG) gives us the opportunity to do just that in two ways. First, by giving back to the community, and second, through means of promoting the sprit of recycling.

Category: Community

Starts On: Mon, 11 May 2015

Raising: $6,000


SMU Mile Run

SMU Mile Run is an annual signature event by SMU Run Team. We aim to celebrate the joy of running with like minded individuals as well as challenge our experienced runners with our unique route at Fort Canning.

Category: Community

Starts On: Sun, 20 September 2015

Raising: $20,000


SMU Oikos Bash 2015

Oikos Bash 2015, an event organised by the SMU Economics Society, Oikos Society, will is a night lined up with fun, games, partying, as well as a pageant competition, to welcome the new freshmen into the Economics faculty.

Category: University Event

Starts On: Fri, 28 August 2015

Raising: $4,800


Dreamity Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Camp Dreamity is a deeply experiential games-based program that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset in school-aged children. We are targeting to have 50 Youths aged 8 - 14 to participate with half or more from low income families. The camp will teach the Youths problem solving skills and let them learn the difference between price and value.

Category: Entrepreneurship, Youth

Starts On: Tue, 08 September 2015

Raising: $20,000